App keeps moving down my screen every time I add a new image

Hi there,

I’ve been experiencing a bug for months now, where the app moves down my laptop screen every time I add an image to a frame. I select the module, click “choose image,” and my finder window pops up for me to choose the image from. As soon as I select the image in the finder window and click “open,” the entire app shifts down my screen about a quarter of an inch.

I’m not connected to any other devices (keyboards, desktops, mouse, etc) so it’s not an issue there, and I’ve tried uninstalling the app, restarting my computer, and logging out and in. I’m out of ideas and desperate for a solve, as my projects are very image heavy and I’m always having to stop my work to move the app back to the top of my screen so that I can see the whole project…super frustrating.

Anyone able to help?