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API returns wrong last_modified time

For some reason, the restful api returns wrong last_modified time, different than the last modifiied time displayed in Figma App file list.

I need to for loop request all 4500+ team files and the Figma API only allow 7 times per minute, which cost almost 4 hours to finished all the tasks. So I need to reduce the target files for request by comparing last modified time to an acceptable amont. The wrong last_modified time make this idea impossible.

The endpoint I am using: GET/v1/projects/:project_id/files

You can check these screenshots:
From API:
Figma App:

Why do you think the time is incorrect? Because it doesn’t match your time zone?

If you look at the images I sent in the first reply. This file was edited today but the last_modified time as displayed is: 2021-10-26. It not the timezone issue, it is November already.

BTW, I understand the Figma API is using UTC timezone.

Thank you for the clarification. I also tried to get the data, but after 1 hour after editing the file, the last_modified value was not updated.

Can you contact the Figma developer team to fix this? Or you are the developer I don’t know. But I am kinda really need this function work. Thank you!

I’m not from Figma, just helping out here on the forum. Contact support and submit a bug report.


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