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Any way to use FigJam stickies and connectors in Figma apart from cutting and pasting?

Just tried out FigJam for the first time and discovered when you paste FigJam’s primitive elements (Shapes with text, Stickies, and Connectors) they remain editable in Figma!

This is awesome news for annotating Figma files directly. But the work flow is a bit clunky. I have to open a FigJam add a connector, copy and paste it into Figma and then connect it up.

Is there a slicker way to add connectors and stickies. I tried adding them as components to a library but Figma doesn’t allow them inside components.

There is no way yet, FigJam is in early beta so I guess they need to polish the connectors a bit more to make them available in non-beta Figma.

Makes sense. Looking forward to this though. Native support for connectors in Figma would be a big win.

This would be awesome! It’s currently only possible to copy connectors across from FigJam files to design files.

I’d encourage you to also add your vote to this existing request to add FigJam connectors to Figma!