Antiquated and disconnected invite process

Is there a way of avoiding this behaviour…

  1. User successfully logs into Figma as their corporate ID using a SAML provider, such as Okta. Therefore they have successfully provided their identity to the Service Provider (Figma) and the IdP (Okta).

  2. An admin invites the user into a team, at which point the name of the invited user is greyed out within the list of members in the team.

  3. Even when the user logs out of Figma and back in again they are still UNABLE to access the team they were invited to. Instead, the user must click on the invite linkin the emal.

This is not helpful for situations whereby users do not have mail enabled accounts due to compliance reasons.

The question is; why can’t Figma link up the invite with the logged on user!? I raised this to Figma support over a year ago, and it was agreed that the flow was very disconnected and it was sent to Figma engineering to fix.

Can someone please bring the Figma admin controls inline with many other similar SaaS products on the Market. For example, the admin controls in Miro…



I know the invite and team management can be quite confusing, we’re also dealing with a large organisation and many teams.

One small tip I can give is to use the little bell icon on the top right corner of the dashboard UI. Inside the dropdown users will find notifications about comments but also all invitations to teams and files. This will help work around the need to access the email inbox to get in, and it’s actually super quick…

In general I understand that invitations have to be accepted. If this would not be the case, user accounts could get spammed by irrelevant team invitations from anywhere and would have to opt-out.

Thanks for your reply.

I should have mentioned the bell… This is a bit hit at times. Sometimes it appears, sometimes it doesn’t.

All in all, I think that Figma should enable it that when an Admin/Owner invite a SSO / SAML user into a team they should be automatically granted access without having to accept an email / bell.

The UX is just too clunky

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