Annual subscription FIGMA

Please note that we try to update the credit card information but since system cannot save such information in payment methods. Every time we click Change payment methods which still show nothing information. Please advise, if any things need to do further. Thanks.

Hi there! Sorry to hear you are having issues with the payment.

To cover some basics, you can update your card in the admin dashboard. Here’s our Help Center article that has more details on how to do access the Admin Dashboard: Update payment details:

  1. Select the team name in the sidebar to open the team workspace and click the Admin Console icon.
  2. Select the Settings tab
  3. Click the Change payment method
  4. Enter the new credit or debit card details in the fields provided
  5. Click Use this card to update

If you can’t still edit your payment method, please reach out to the support team with a quick screenshot of what you see on your end, so they can take a deeper look here: