Annotations panel for adding annotations to projects

Zeplin has the ability to add annotations to design files on handoff but the only way to do this right now in Figma is to use commenting. The problem with commenting is that it doesn’t have a specific per page annotation system where I can set what type of annotation it is. I also can’t filter per page except saying “Show Current Page Only” in the comments dropdown. So if there are comments from version 1 of the design, and then I add comments in version 2, and then I want to do comments for annotations to handoff, I have to go back and delete all of the comments from V1 and V2 to do that.

Would be fantastic to see a similar annotations feature in Figma that zeplin has where I can add comments with categories to any screen individually, and be able to sort them by versions as well. That way I can ask people to leave feedback in comments but then when I need to handoff, I can use the annotations panel for that.

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