Animation is'nt smooth. How to fix it?

So i made a gif of an arrow and I’m trying to do a component with this animation on delay in Figma:
Arrow animation

So the first 3 frame that i made in my animation work perfectly. They stretch out and in normally like i want.

But the other frame seem to not stretch at all. They seem to just pass one frame to an other like a power point.

That mean that when i look at the animation, it seem that the animation is’nt smooth at all.
and i dont know how to fix that problem. My goal here is to have an animation on my web page that do like the gif once in a while without any interraction and do something else when its overed.

If that can help you i tried to do seperate frame that are not component and do an action where they navigate to instead of changing to and it worked fine.

Hi @Louis-Philippe_Morin, Thanks for reaching out about this. The allow animation you shared seems to run smoothly on my end.

It sounds like you are using an animate transition with after delay triggers for your prototype, and I understand that while the “Navigate to” interaction works fine, the “Change to” interaction seems to be less smooth.

You might already be aware, but you’ll need to create variants first if you want to use the ‘Change to’ interaction for the interactive component. Please take a moment to review the details in the resources below:

If you already created the interactive component and still have problem, it’s hard to be sure of the issue without seeing the file. I recommend to reach out our support team here:
When you contact our support team, please include the following information:

  • Make sure to use your Figma account Email
  • Please add as an Editor to the affected file (this won’t affect your billing at all) and send those direct link
  • Please attach a recording showing the issue including the names of the resources being used

Hope this helps! If I misunderstood anything, please let us know. We also welcome any additional suggestions from our community, so if you have one, please feel free to share it here.

Thanks again for reaching out.