Animated button to next frame

I have searched online and read a lot of things and cannot find info on how to implement this simple thing. I created a button (animated with variants) and added it to a frame. When the button is clicked I want it to do a brief animation and move to the next frame. The button just gets bigger, changes to lighter color, then back to original.

The closest I can get is to do mouse down in the variant, which animates through the 3 variants. And then in the frame I selected mouse up as the action to navigate to the new frame.

In the frame if I set the mouse up, then add a long enough delay the full button animation will be seen but it never goes to the next frame. (if I click it again it goes w/ no animation).

If I set a shorter mouse up delay half the animation is shown and it goes to the next frame.

This stuff is driving me batty. Thank you for your help.

Seems like Figma is not designed to have full control in this situation. Oh well, I guess a partial animation will suffice.