Anchors / Hyperlinks

I have a few pages that I need to export to pdf, and I need to make hyperlinks inside with anchors, for specific sections in the pages.

A link to a specific frame/element in Figma will lead whoever clicks on it to Figma itself to the work file and that specific frame/element.
My intention is to hyperlink with an anchor to a specific section in the page that were designed in Figma,
so that after I export the pages to pdf from Figma, there will be links in the text that if I click on them I will reach to another area in the pdf (anchor).

There is a plug-in that enables links from page to page or to external links, before exporting, so the hyperlinks are still in the pages after exporting. But for anchors, there is no solution.

Is there a possibility to open a ticket to develop such hyperlinks and anchors option in Figma?

Thank you,