Analysis plugins and connectivity

We use Figma as a great way to compile research and have this provide us with a historical record of campaigns and design success, while also informing decisions to be made in the UX/UI process. It’s ideal to have the pixel size of screens to work with and use components to allow the research team to follow design updates as the analysis unfolds.

The beauty of this centres around the infinite canvas. Now, instead of having reports separating the data from the creative, we integrate the data with the creative to great effect.

I see there’s been some tinkering around this, with plugins like Google Sheet Sync, but
to make this really sing, it would be terrific to be able to have native integrations with:

  • analytic tools, such as Google Analytics, ContentSquare, and Fullstory
  • Microsoft Excel and even tools such as Power BI
  • project management tools like, Asana and Clickup.

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