An invalid image or thumbnail was removed

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I have two separate accounts and I am trying to copy files from one account to another. When I try to do this images don’t appear. I get “invalid image or thumbnail was removed”. I’ve tried to do some of the workarounds above and I have to say that are frustrating as hell when you have to manually especially when there are A LOT of screens.

Is there any other fix or solutions? I am using the desktop app and any help would be appreciated. This has slowed down the work tremendously. Getting beyond annoyed.

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The problem is known since 2022 and I still had yesterday this issue. I was working 5 hours on a plan with topographic maps as jepg-files. All layers were made and all graphics. Everything worked fine without an error message. I was lucky to export an PDF file to document the problem, before I knew it. In the morning today, I was opening it in my account an all files were deleted. I did not get an error message!!!

If such a problem is well known since 2022 and we are now in 2024 - why is Figma not working on it?

At least give us an error message in time, when we upload an image into our Figma surface!

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Same thing is happening for me in both web and desktop app, for months now. I don’t lose images once they’ve been added to a document, just copying/pasting into a different file and getting the ‘invalid image’ message.

Only workaround that works for me is to Copy as png (⌘⇧C) from the original file, but it’s much slower doing it that way. Can’t believe this has been happening for so long, so inefficient!

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Very frustrating! Same issues for me

This is happening for me too. Same account for both files.

Hey there,

The most common reason you’ll see an “An invalid image or thumbnail was removed” error message is if there’s an image in the elements you’re copying that isn’t able to be pasted because it’s ‘invalid’ or corrupted in some way.

This might be because the image was never properly “saved” when pasted into the original file, or because the pasting actions is failing in some way.

For the images that aren’t pasting over, can you try the following:

  1. In the original file select the image
  2. Toggle to Dev Mode and you’ll find a ‘box diagram’ with the source image link at its center:
  3. If the image loads when you click this link, right click to copy and paste or save and insert it into your new file.
  4. If the image does not load from this link, that indicates that the original image has been corrupted in some way. If this is the case you can export the image layer using the export settings at the bottom of the Properties panel and insert it into the new file.
  5. For users without Dev Mode access, you can ‘copy as PNG’ from the right-click menu in most circumstances, though you’ll only get the image at its current size, not the original image size uploaded to Figma.