An invalid image or thumbnail was removed

Yep, same here although I believe I overloaded page with many images and they are just too heavy. First, all the device holders exported from Device Models plugins started disappearing. When I touched them and scaled a bit - they reappeared. Well but this was for short time. The next day ALL images are blank :frowning_face:

I think best is to have a spearate document for photos, and then carfully copy to new document and watch if not too heavy.

Hmm, Sketch has something like “compress images”, then you can “revert to original size” - Figma team? Is this on your plate? I thought I can never crash Figma … but with 30-40 higher resolution images - it does :slight_smile:

Wow - I actually found solution to my problems, based on some comments above. Yep the problem is the source where the initial images were dropped or created. I closed Figma, reopened only file with images and let it load.

Then opened other pages were images were used, and my blank images started appearing!! Yupi!


I am also facing same issue
I am not able to update images even from my desktop. To update the image, I have to copy the image by opening it from the css table view first, then paste it in the figma artboard, then export it, then I am able to use that image.

Please find solution to this problem as soon as possible

I think this solution perfectly, this workssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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Thank you @dvaliao. This worked for me. But is a permanent fix coming? This is a pretty significant slow-down in productivity (and increased frustration :slight_smile: )

The problem still here. I can’t put images from 1-st account to 2-d. Even if I export png from figma in 1-st account and import back png here I have message about “invalid image” and impossible to do enithing :unamused:

The problem is still here. None of the solutions mentioned above worked for me.

Indeed. We tested so many different approaches and we could not figure out a pattern. It seems completely random.

I used Figma to study and I was just pasting photo of book into editor taken on iPhone. Now all the images have gone from my lesson and pasting same images again gives me this error.

Same for me, I also tried the solutions above, if @Figma_Support could provide us with a solution or fix the problem that would be amazing! Thanks

Same here @Figma_Support

Same here! This is a big problem! I’m not able to copy images between two figma files

Yoooo figma, this is an ongoing prob! Can’t copy images between files, big big problem!

Same here! Happened out of the blue

Hi folks, this should work now, as long as you’re logged into both accounts. Please try again, and sorry for the inconvenience!


I’m encountering the same problems. Images in my frames were visible on 13 Dec SGT time, and 14 Dec, some of them disappeared and turned black. The layer of the image is there, but it’s just a black layer.

I copied it back from another file i had a backup for, but it’s still not working.
File A Backup - Ctrl C (image visible)
File B with issue - Ctrl V (black color) error says - invalid thumbnail image was removed

Hi. I think this can be the solution. I tried it. Instead of copy-pasting using the keys. First, take out the image you want to move then copy as png from the options and then go to the other file where you have that image file. Select that image, and press ctrl+v and voila, you have your image. Still you would need to do this manually. No shortcuts

I’m having this same issue, I’m logged in a proper account. After pasting images I get and icon next to the avatar that “This document contains unsaved changes…” When I reload Figma all the placeholders where should have been images are empty. It makes it impossible to work.

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Once you have noticed the issue, do not close your file yet.
Export every design in .svg format.
Once you have done it, you may close the file and the software.
Restart the software and re-open the file, drag the .svg file to the artboard.
You will get back everything now.

The only drawbacks for this method is that you need to copy paste every design elements manually.

have this problem right now