An invalid image or thumbnail was removed

This issue is happening to me by just pasting an image from my computer into Figma. It’s seemingly random what file it happens to, but it’s a complete blocker on my work, as I need to paste a specific image, but it refuses to let me do so.

Also happening to me in-browser and it’s pretty random which images this error displays for.

I exported the needed images from one file as PNG and then imported them into the needed file and this worked out ok.

Also happens to me on random images…

I’m still having the same issue trying to copy a png from my computer. I’m not a guest on the file and I have copied this same exact png before onto the same file but now it keeps giving me that message “an invalid image or thumbnail was removed” when it didn’t before. This is on the app. It works if I open figma on the web and add it there but then the image still doesn’t show on the app (or it takes forever). This has been an issue for at least a month now.

I’m facing this issue as well, I need to copy my internship work to my personal profile, but it’s not letting me do so