An actual table editor?

That’s really it. Having to cobble together tables from smaller autolayout components is tedious and the layouts become fragile. Tables are a basic part of the web, and we should have an editor that lets us create them quickly - x cells by y rows, optional header row, ideally with an interactive ‘sort asc-desc’ function; standardized cell types like text, currency, dates, and numbers; and to be able to set cells to dynamically resize based on content or truncate it; plus defining common interactivity states (normal, hover, pressed, disabled, error, etc).

It’d be nice to create an all-in-one ‘cell style’ which includes text specs and colour, padding, borders, alignment, etc. Cells will still be autolayout contexts, but can dynamically interact with the row context to resize automatically if there’s longer text, etc. It can be done today with fiddling, but it ought to be automatic.

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