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Am I missing History Navigation Back/Forward?

Is there an option to jump back/forward to the places I have edited/displayed?

No, there isn’t.

There are plugins for improved navigation that may improve this for you such as Minimap or Saved Selections (you may be able to find more in the community, there is lots of cool stuff).

Also feel free to create a feature request by creating a new topic and writing a detailed description of your idea in the #product-ideas category.

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I installed these two plugins, this worked like a charm. Now selecting them in the Figma Desktop App/MacOS, when I select Plugins>Minimap it displays the minimap as a small window as expected. When choosing Plugins>Saved Selections this window gets replaced. Is there a way to display both windows at the same time? Am I missing a preference to enable this?

Also, I wanted to drag out these plugin windows to a second monitor. Is that possible? Currently they stay inside the main window. :wave:

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Currently only one plugin can be open at a time. When you open the second plugin, the currently open one closes.

No, you can’t drag windows outside since Figma is a browser app and browsers can’t create floating windows like this (it feels like browsers live in 1990s sometimes hahah).

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Ah ok, I understand, the window can be stretched across several monitors anyway so that’s no problem. Is the team planning to support multiple plugin windows, or is there a technical limitation? I think this would benefit a lot of users. :+1:

It’s a bit challenging for them to figure out how the plugins API would work in this case. Not sure if it’s in active development, but it’s definitely a highly wanted feature.