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Always updates available from Main but they're empty

Whenever I click to “Review and merge changes…”, I’m told there are updates from Main available, but when I click, it’s empty, but then still lets me “Apply changes” and goes through some ~10s process of “Applying changes” after I click.

Hi Colin!

Sorry for the late response. We will soon deploy a UI change which more accurately explains this situation. Although there are no visualizable changes, Figma sometimes performs system optimizations on files which can create these “phantom” updates. Don’t worry —clicking “Apply changes” is the correct move here, as it will make sure your branch is always synced up.

Thanks for your patience!

Interesting. Thanks for the response and explanation, Alex.

You said, “Figma sometimes performs system optimizations…” To be clear, these phantom updates are available every time I click to Review and merge, even if I’ve done it only seconds before.

Hi Colin. Would you be willing to let us examine your file / branch so our eng team can understand what’s happening? Please email me at Thanks!

@Sho_Kuwamoto I seem to have the same issue as Colin, I created a topic here