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Alternate favicon?

Wondering about the possibility of an alternate FigJam favicon – One thing I’ve noticed right away is that it’s a little difficult to quickly distinguish a FigJam from a Figma in my browser when there are a bunch of Fig-tabs open.

@Brian3 This is great feedback! I moved it over to that category so others can vote and add additional comments. Thanks for sharing! :smiley:

Ah cool, thank you! Wasn’t sure where to go with that suggestion. I’ve usually got several Figma tabs open at once and seems like it could be helpful differentiating between them.

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@Brian3 Makes sense! I’ve flagged this to our team as well. Thanks again!

As an idea, when working in Figma with multiple tabs, it may be nice to differentiate the design vs whiteboard files to allow for easier scanning.

Keep up the great work!

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