Alt-double-clicking for horizontal resizing seems unreliable

With the recent update to auto-layout, the horizontal resizing (fit/fill/fixed) is now relegated to a dropdown, introducing a new click. At the same time the alt-double-click shortcut was introduced, but from what I can tell, only works in one direction: → Fill. Alt-double-clicking a filled element will not return it to fixed or fit. I’ve also found that the shortcut doesn’t work on paths, where double-clicking enters path edit mode or whatever. So if you want to drop in a line and double-click to fill its parent as a divider, you need to use the dropdown.

Am I missing something with this shortcut?

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Hold Shift to change the resize settings to Hug contents.

Hmm, not working for me on Mac/Desktop. Tried shift-double-clicking, shift-opt-double-clicking.

Ahh I see how Shift works to hug elements. The same issue is present here where the shortcut is just one-way. You can’t un-hug an element.

I must have been wrong, just double clicking on the edge will change the setting to Hug contents.

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