Alt and drag for corner radius?

Hey everyone,
Is this a bug? Let’s say I have a square and I wanna make 2 of its corners rounded.

I hold Alt and I drag the first handler, then let’s say I stop holding Alt, do something else, and come back to make change the second corner radius.

But now, I have to avoid holding Alt, as that would make all the corners rounded. So basically you hold Alt only for the first corner radius, then you have to avoid holding Alt when altering the next corner radius.

Is this a bug, or is this the way it was intended for some reason I don’t understand? :slight_smile: Thanks,

I don’t think it’s a bug. Once you round one corner, Figma will assume that you want corners rounded independently of each other, and makes it the default.

Try using ⌘ cmd / alt+Shift and then drag the dot on the second corner :wink:


awesome, thanks :slight_smile:

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Got it, thanks. Not the best UX, I always have to triple check if any of the other corners are rounded. But alt+shift makes sense :slight_smile:

@Yehia Alt + Shift + Drag corner alters all the corners. XD did this better imo, holding Alt alters a single corner, not holding Alt alters all corners. Plain and simple :slight_smile:

@Christian_Yalamov The first time you click on a corner use ⌘ cmd / alt+Shift. Then you need to only click and drag the other corners, they will individually resize.

If you proceed to still use ⌘ cmd / alt+Shift for the other corners it will reset and will make all corners change simultaneously :wink:

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