Allow zoom level & placement adjustment of UI panels

1. Problem: I use a standing desk and a large mounted monitor. Monitor is 32 inches / 4k and about 18-24"" from me depending on my sit/stand postures.

The size of everything in the right UI pane is sometimes too small. In particular, with component overrides, the naming can be hard to scan quickly.

Other times, if I’m doing work that bounces between the canvas space and that panel, it just sucks to have it be so tiny. I end up re arranging everything on my monitor to put my active work area and that part of the UI pane closer together so that I can work faster with less wasted mouse movements.

This was one part of Adobe CC that I’ve absolutely loved and missed with converting to Figma – the ability to move and customize the panes we see as we work. I understand why that level of control would be difficult to support in a web app – but for desktop apps can we have it please?

Add as much context as possible (screenshots, Figma files, mockups, etc.) Unfortunately, I can’t post work screenshots publicly.

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