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Allow viewers to search assets

It would be really useful if viewers could search components by tags.

I have tagged all of our visual assets such as icons or images that I have created so that they can be easily searched. For instance, if someone was looking for an image of a dog used for social media 10 months ago, I could search in the asset panel for ‘dog’ and see all images of dogs that have been produced.

However, I since I am the only editor, I am the only one that can search for them. I don’t need others to be able to edit the file, but it would be really great if viewers could search those assets for downloading.

  1. Describe the problem your experiencing and how your idea helps solve this.

I am not wanting to publish all the changes that a library has, just a few. Being able to search and filter down the list of assets would help speed this process up.

  1. Add as much context as possible (screenshots, Figma files, mockups, etc.)

It wouldn’t take too much, just a search bar that can narrow down the list of changed components.


With Search Bar

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