Allow usage of multiple styles at a time


As a user, I want the ability to use multiple linked styles at a time so that styles can be more modular.

For example, I want to define a Drop Shadow style and a Background Blur style. In some cases I want to use them separately, some objects only have a drop shadow while others only have a background blur. In some cases I want to use them together, some objects have both a drop shadow and background blur.

Currently, I can create a single style that contains a drop shadow and a background blur; however, I cannot create two separate styles and use them together.

I can define as many static properties under Effects as I want.

However, I can only use a single Style under Effects.

That Style may include as many properties as I want; however, I want to be able to separate these properties into their own styles.

Currently, I would have to create three styles:

  1. Drop Shadow Style
  2. Background Blur Style
  3. Drop Shadow & Background Blur Style

Whenever I update the Drop Shadow style I would also have to update the Drop Shadow & Background Blur Style to ensure the drop shadow effect is the same value.

Instead, I want to be able to use the two separate styles (Drop Shadow and Background Blur) together or individually when I choose.

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Iā€™m in the exact same boat.
Our design system has 5 different set shadow levels saved as 5 different styles. Unfortunately right now, in order to combine them with a background blur effect, I would need to either detach the style, or create another 5 separate effect styles that combine the shadow + BG blur, which seems pretty convoluted.

Would love to just be able to combine different kinds of effect styles honestly


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