Allow to select which nested property is available on main component

I’ve been loving the new nested component properties and am updating all my design systems across different projects to leverage it.

I make extensive use of component nesting, and especially when creating molecules, the nested properties end up creating a lot of noise in the sidebar.

fe : I use a system of icon-container to make sure icons across the whole designs have consistent sizing. That component has an instance swap property and a size variant property.
The instance swap is used to easily swap across all icons within the DS, while the size property is only to be used when placing the icon within its context.
On a component containing an icon-container, and revealing the nested properties, it reveals both the size and instance swap variant. This creates unnessecarty properties to be accessible (icon size fe).

My argument here, is that at this level, it would be great to have the ability to hide some of the nested propertie and reveal only the relevant ones at the component level. This would make nesting properties even more powerful.



Didn’t see this @tank666 voted for the feature. It’s exactly what In meant

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