Allow to manually choose password

Please allow the option to manually enter a password.

Asking users to enter a random string of words and hyphens is very inefficient to view a prototype. We have a hard enough time getting testers, adding these bizarre passwords doesn’t help.


Thanks for the feedback, @SMach!

We’ve updated your feature request for clarity. We’ll pass this feedback onto the team for consideration.

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Please reconsider this “enhancement.” As SMach says, these passwords are very complicated for a user to enter, and because this is the first thing the user has to do and they fail, the entire test is tainted.


Please return the feature where you can manually set your own password. This is a huge interruption to sharing files with our clients.


Hey @ashley.rindfleisch-weiss, the new auto-generated passwords are implemented to make sharing more secure. However, we’ll pass your feedback to the teams!

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I have raised the same issue.

Thanks for taking all of this into account. It is a bit frustrating that this is being framed as a feature request when this was pre-existing functionality that has been removed.


Just adding another voice to say that I want to be able to enter/select my own passwords. I can appreciate the ease of the autogenerated passwords for certain circumstances, but for our company this is counter-productive.

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After the new update it is not possible to set an custom password to the file links. Is it possible now to set up custom password like before. Could we change the settings back to enable custom password for shared links?

We have issues with this too, sometimes you just need a quick and easy password to share and remember. This creates serious friction for us as an enterprise team with multiple non-Figma users who are reviewing our prototypes.


This is a major issue with sharing prototypes with business users. Please allow users to set our own passwords (a recommendation is fine!)

Thank you all for your feedback!

If you haven’t seen a message yet, our team is already working on bringing this capability back. Stay tuned!


Hey All, thanks again for sharing this feedback and for your patience!

We originally released auto-generated passwords for a more secure collaboration experience, but understand that removing the option to also create passwords manually has disrupted your workflow. Our product team is actively exploring a secure and flexible solution coming soon to accommodate auto-generated passwords and manually created passwords.

On the Organization and Professional plans, we have rolled back auto-generated passwords until we can release an updated solution. We apologize for the disruption to your workflow — you should now be able to set your own passwords again.

On the Enterprise plan, our product team is actively working on an updated solution to accommodate granular controls for password generation and expiring public links. If your organization would like to temporarily roll back these updates, please have your organization admin contact Figma Support. If we proceed with rolling back this update, your organization will also lose the ability to set expiring public links until we launch the updated solution.


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