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Allow the ability to group files within existing groups

My organization groups it’s teams to differentiate projects. Within those groups, there is no further group functionality. All of my teams files are just existing together rather than grouped and organized in sub-categories.

I would like to be able to create sub-groups within my team’s group.

How it is now:
-Team A
—Figma Board Z (project 1)
—Figma Board Y (project 1)
—Figma Board X (project 2)
-Team B
—Figma Board W (project 3)
—Figma Board V (project 4)

How I’d Like it to Be

-Team A
–Project 1
—Figma Board Z
—Figma Board Y
–Project 2
—Figma Board X
-Team B
–Project 3
—Figma Board W
–Project 4
—Figma Board V

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