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Allow TAB layer switching direction toggle

Here’s the issue visualised in a downward design as it’s most apparent that way.

  1. Populating Column 1 down with additional rows
  2. Editing a row
  3. Trying to switch to the next row using TAB, as I just visually created them in that order (3)
    Notice how on the canvas, TAB switching is inverse with the layer panel

My idea is that there’s a toggle implemented for reversing directions TAB and TAB+SHIFT will go in the layers panel to make it visually more intuitive on the canvas for when we need it.

Right now, it’s only possible to switch layers using TAB(+SHIFT) in a logical, downward and upward direction in the layers panel- from created last to first and vice versa. And that makes perfect sense for the panel.

But, that means the layers also TAB switch from created last to first on the canvas.
Much of the design we do is nesting inward (think cards), going down (think lists) and going right (think slides) from first to last as we create layers.

That makes switching layers “forward” (downward) in the panel using TAB visually counter-intuitive for these workflows on the canvas- TAB switches backward through your design on the canvas instead of forward.

Here’s a Figma file to demonstrate.

How often is this shortcut used by you and would you find the toggle useful?
Are there any plugins or workarounds that do this?
If not, how hard would it be to make one?

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