Allow set a percentage for "Fill container" options

Sometimes we need to make an element fit a percentage of the container instead of always having it sharing the same proportion as the other elements (For instance - 2 elements, each one of them has 50% always).


Would need this as well

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This would be great! :melting_face:

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In general not just for fill container I would say. Together with the new max-width this would be an even more killer-feature.

I would like to set the max-width to 100% of the parents frame to avoid elements like buttons to overflow. This would allow to combine hugging with the benefits of fill-container if the content would exceed.

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Yes please!!! This would be very helpful!

This would be super helpful!

There were a similar topic / idea in 2022 as well – Fill container by percentage and also discussed here Proportional auto-layout - width/height and max/min - #2 by FigmaIsBad


50% max-width would be super helpful. I wonder how this might be closer to code syntax though, a lot of classes reference things like β€œpan-6” where you can set an element to span 6 of the 12 columns. Max width would solve the problem, but be less consistent with how these are applied in development (using things like grid).

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