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Allow selection of multiple pages and grouping, similar to layers

I have a long list of pages in a file, grouped in sections, I want to move them to change the order. Currently I can only pick one page at a time to move them up or down, how do I select multiple pages, or groups to do this?

Being able to group the pages like layers would also be very handy, in any update.


Oh wow that’s a lot of pages! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Grouping pages is definitely an interesting idea. The concern here though is performance related. Figma files technically have around a 2GB memory limit (wasm browser limitation) and so promoting the use of more pages/groups might end up being problematic.

Curious to hear though how you’re using all of these pages in your workflow? Is there a reason they’re not broken up into other files?

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This is our pattern library, it seemed to make sense to separate each pattern out to a page for organisational purposes – each pattern can be quite complicated with variants in use.

Would you suggest that the proper way is to use fewer pages and more layers?