Allow only -some- components from a library

Here’s my use-case: I maintain a design library, let’s call it Library A. My designers reference it and pull components from it, cool. There’s another library in that space - Library B - that has many components in it, and I want my designers to have access to one of them. I don’t want my designers adding all of Library B to their files, because it has things they don’t need. I just want them to have the one component. I can’t just recreate this component in my own library, because I want Library B to own it so that their changes cascade down to my designers.

Essentially, I want an alias - a way to have a component that’s useable from Library A, but it actually lives and is maintained somewhere else. Is this possible? Is this crazy?

I guess you can add an instance of this particular component from B to your Library A, make that instance into a component and publish it. It will add a wrapper to the component but if you keep it updated from B, changes will cascade.

Right. That’s so close to what I want - it’s a useable component, changes cascade down - but I just want to avoid that wrapper if I can. I want my designers to use the component as easily as they can any other component in the library. :man_shrugging:t2:

That’s a tough one. I’m assuming branding (logo) or something. Maybe you can talk to a developer and have them build an internal plug-in with the API that sends you a slack notification or something when that component has changed from library A. Then you can copy/paste into library B.

Not a real solution just throwing ideas out there.

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