Allow modifying "Decoration" to the text styles already defined

Oh sheesh y’all.
This is redincedonkey!

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I just want to apply italics to text with a style applied :smiling_face_with_tear:

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The underline decoration knows how to break and skip letters that are longer than the text baseline. Using a Auto-layout won’t do that and cover the letters

We need this, it’s absurd this feature is missing. Having to define as styles all the possible decorations adds so much clutter.
I already have 6 headings, each with its own styles (light, regular, medium), then 6 paragraphs (body) for the two typefaces the design uses, again, each one with other 3 variations based on size, and then some other more for the style, and then what…for each of these I should add one more with link?

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please Figma, listen and add this feature. we have been waiting for this for years already.

+1 Please add this QoL feature.

Figma, text-decoration-color: when??

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+1 Please add this feature!

It’d be good to at least hear the reasoning behind why is this still not possible.