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Allow gamepad analogue stick to control the cursor in Prototypes

I would like to be able to prototype “free cursor” interfaces for games in Figma.

Example of a free cursor interface:

Destiny 2 uses the analogue stick to move around a cursor on screen, rather than the player navigating a grid of options one by one.

More examples: Apex Legends, Assassins Creed (since Origins), Cyberpunk 2077, No Man’s Sky.

  • This would essentially work identically to navigating a prototype with the mouse, but the input would be coming from the left or right analogue stick instead.
  • The user (player) should be able to hover and click on elements.
  • Stretch goal: customisable designs for the cursor, since games usually require a more noticeable icon (often a large circle)

I’m not sure if this is even within the realms of what Figma would have control of. But it would seriously expand the potential of prototyping Game UI in Figma if it is possible.

Potential workarounds:
I believe this can technically be achieved already by configuring the computer to recognise the gamepad analogue as a mouse cursor in the first place. Figma would “think” the user is using the prototype with a mouse. However, this only gets you so far, since every person you want to test the prototype would need to do this.

I was wondering this same thing, for now, I’m struggling with d-pad double inputs, but you have my vote on this feature!

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