Allow fixed component widths to be editable alwys

So many times for SOME reason, a component will not behave or does not autolayout how expected in smaller screens. Changing the component width between fill, hug and fix usually solves it BUT there are always times when the component will not behave.

I’ve noticed that sometimes if an element is fixed and width dimension is greyed out, if you cheat it and get the width to move, it changes from grey to black mode-meaning it becomes editable. I wish all fixed width components would allow you to edit the width bc the component system is not perfect and it is a pain having to break elements just to make their container a little shorter.

Want to bump my own comment just because making tables is so painful without this

I believe this is caused by the “hug” width of a master’s children implicitly overriding and locking the pixel width of any of that master’s children that were changed to “fixed” in an instance.

For example, if you have a master component with auto-layout set to hug, and its children are set to hug, then you create an instance of that component and change one of it’s children’s width to fixed, it will lock that child’s width to the pixel width that that child has in the master.

If Kara’s running into the same issue as me, this makes preserving the width of columns in tables difficult or impossible without breaking instances, in order to ensure that content lines up correctly vertically.

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