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Allow disabling some hotkeys

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    Firefox on unbuntu uses alt-# to swap tabs. Like alt-2 goes to the second tab. However, figma uses this hotkey to do something, and so when I try to change tabs in my browser figma prevents this. If I could turn off this hotkey of figma’s, then I could use it to perform my regular browser actions.

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    Firefox on ubuntu

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    (e.g. Does anyone else experience this? Is anyone using a plugin or workaround to help solve this?, etc.

I’m a developer so I tend to use hotkeys everywhere I can. I like that figma has hotkeys for pratically everything, but I don’t like it if figma hijacks some popular browser hotkeys.

This may be an insignificant issue, I just realized ctrl-tab still works, so I can just use that to get off figma’s tab then use alt-# like usual. Feel free to close this discussion if it isn’t helpful.