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Allow devs to get CSS from file

I want to be able to allow devs to get CSS from my Figma file. The only way I see doing it is giving them full access to it. The problem is I don’t want them accidentally moving/modifying objects. If I lock objects - they won’t be able to select an object to inspect CSS. How are you doing it? Are you giving your devs full access to the file and cross your fingers it doesn’t get messed with?

PS. UXPin has a nice feature where, when you publish a file objects are selectable but not movable, and you can see CSS on the side panel…

Hey @TanyaG :wave:

Actually, Devs with view only can always inspect the full design.
To have access to the inspect tab Figma just demands you have an account and view access to the file.

Now, if they need some sort of plugin, then yes, they need the full edit access, but that’s not the regular workflow in most cases.

Ah, ok. I was testing it with “public view”, and that one didn’t give me the side panel. I see that you actually have to share with individual accounts. Thanks,