Allow "Cmd / Ctrl + Enter" to submit comments instead

I like the new commenting system update that was just added, but just like before I find myself accidentally submitting comments per-maturely, because of the keybinding to “Enter” to submit. This confusion is caused the fact by the inconsistency in which other modal experiences (eg. version control) do not have keybindings to “Enter” to submit. In those UI elements you use “Cmd / Ctrl + Enter” to submit and while hitting “Enter” is for a new line.

Also a side effect of this is that other users of your designs get incomplete comment email notification as well.

To remedy this, there should be an option like “Slack” to allow you to change how you submit comments — whether your bind it to just “Enter” or “Cmd + Enter”. Or make it consistent between text input elements.

Does anyone else face this issue?


I’m having exactly the same issue. I’m used to writing long comments in multiple paragraphs or with bulleted lists, and this becomes very error-prone with the new binding. Very annoying.


Hey @Tou_Lee @Stanislas_Marion,

Thanks for your feedback! You can also use shift + enter to go to the next line instead of prematurely submitting your comment.

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Yes, I know, but this is very error-prone and annoying.
The best commenting system in the world (Google Docs) binds Enter to new line. Comments are not a chat.


I would have to agree with @ Stanislas_Marion…although “Shift + Enter” is available, it feels unnatural in this context.

The user has to be conscious to remember to hit “Shift + Enter” every time they want a new paragraphs vs. hitting “Cmd + Enter” once when they’re done with their comment. And of course, it’s not a chat system, comments can sometimes get long and detailed and more related to typing a post rather than quick reply.

Which is similar to this text box, which does the more sensible bindings for a long form post.

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I’m having the same issue with sending comments prematurely. I prefer Enter to be bound to a new line, not submitting. It’s annoying otherwise.


In a recent update, the keyboard command to submit comments changed from command+return to only the return key. This has led me and several of my team members to accidentally submit comments by pressing Return/Enter. Even control/option+return submit comments, which is especially frustrating.

Please revert this back to the previous behavior that is common across commenting and collaboration platforms. It would be great if we had access to user settings for commenting behavior, too.


Agree with all above. Don’t necessarily have an issue with the change … Except that CMD+Enter or SHIFT+Enter does not seem to allow the user to even input a new line character which can make using comments extremely difficult / a poor experience imho. Any light attention to this is appreciated :+1:t2:

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