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Allow Click on side of prototype window to advance to next screen

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    When viewing a prototype I want to click to the right or left of the screen I’m viewing in order to advance to the next screen in the prototype. I anticipate this is how most of my stakeholders will expect to move through a prototype as it is what they are familiar with from InVision prototypes.

If nothing else, at least move those navigation arrows up to the right and left sides respectively. Or, just make the arrows at the bottom of the screen more discoverable and larger so they are easier to interact with. Or maybe if someone clicks to the side of a prototype expecting to navigate you can tell the user that they can use keyboard keys to progress through a prototype, or make the nav arrows at the bottom flash so there’s some education. The current experience made me think I had only one screen in a prototype and I fear the less-savvy partners I have to share prototypes with are going to be confused.

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    When I view a prototype and I click to the right side of the screen I’m viewing to advance to the next screen, nothing happens. It should advance to the next screen. I don’t want to go through the process of “linking” pages to make this work. It should be default behavior.

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    Figma, when will you fix this so people can navigate prototypes more easily?