Allow all kinds of hanging indents

Does anyone know of a way to get hanging indents within one block of plain text? So that when a line of text goes beyond the right margin, it’s indented below rather than starting on the left margin again? Kind of like what you’d find on a works cited page of a paper, or in a line of poetry that runs past the margin.
And for clarity, I am not talking about lists, bulletpoints, etc. – I am referring to plain/paragraph text

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Hey @NJ_Smith, thanks for reaching out!

This currently isn’t possible. While you can try adding a ton of spaces preceding the text after a line break, it’s not an ideal workaround.

We’ve updated your topic into a feature request though. We’ll pass this onto our team for future consideration.

Hey there, we use Figma at our pharma agency and we often have to typeset footnotes using hanging indentation. Figma only supports hanging indents for quotation marks, and we need to use all the editorial footnote characters eg: (* †‡ §) as well as upper and lower case letters.

Currently we have to manually add returns and spaces to create a hanging indent which of course falls apart in any responsive component.

Please change Figma to support using other marks besides " for hanging punctuation!

(pretty please?)