Allow a library to set the available font options

Working at a company, we generally have some subset of fonts that we are ever likely to use. While I love the huge range of options in Figma, generally I will use like 5 fonts total. This is obviously why there are type styles that can get passed from a library. However, we have a small team and while we try to use the type styles. However, if you are exploring designs or just kind of doing something different, you generally aren’t grabbing the constricting exact type styles. But you still want to state somewhere in the ballpark right?

So my thought is, it would be really nice if a library could also limit or scope or group at the top the available fonts in the list of fonts. This is so that the small (1 person) team managing the design system doesn’t have to create a separate set of X font sizes for N font weights for every font. As individuals we can just know that we have like 5 fonts to choose from and can do our designing from there.

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