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All text layers updated with a standard font (replacing our local font)

Hi everybody,

We are multiple collaborators working on our Figma file.
And one of them (me… :flushed: ) didn’t have the local/custom font we are all using.
So I replaced this missing font by a standard font (Arial) to be able to edit text layer.

Basically I did this :
But at the time I didn’t know that this action will update the font for all collaborators (and not just me) and for all text layer.
As a result : if someone wants to edit a text object (using our custom font), this text object automatically switch to Arial font I set by mistake… So we have to reselect our local/custom font manually each time we want to edit a text.

That’s the issue… How repare this ?
Can we redefine our custom font as our font “by default” ?

Thanks for your help,
My design team is about to kill me :woozy_face: