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All text layers updated with a standard font (replacing our local font)

Hi everybody,

We are multiple collaborators working on our Figma file.
And one of them (me… :flushed: ) didn’t have the local/custom font we are all using.
So I replaced this missing font by a standard font (Arial) to be able to edit text layer.

Basically I did this :
But at the time I didn’t know that this action will update the font for all collaborators (and not just me) and for all text layer.
As a result : if someone wants to edit a text object (using our custom font), this text object automatically switch to Arial font I set by mistake… So we have to reselect our local/custom font manually each time we want to edit a text.

That’s the issue… How repare this ?
Can we redefine our custom font as our font “by default” ?

Thanks for your help,
My design team is about to kill me :woozy_face:

I read another forum post where someone from Figma did respond saying a way to edit your components back to the original font is to type “command” (mac)/ “ctrl” (windows) + / to open a search bar.

You’ll need to type in “regenerate old instances (slow)” select the option that shows up and all instances in your design will change back to the component’s appearance. This includes the font, BUT it doesn’t (from my understanding) relink the text style.

Hope this helps!