All elements on canvas are glitchy

Don’t know what happened, experienced this one today. All elements are glitchy, unless you zoom in very close, and even then you have to wait a few seconds until the glitch slowly goes away.



I have same problem since a few days. And the visual glitches are also present when exporting to PNG

Same here. Started yesterday. I am on figma desktop Windows 10 but it seems to glitch the same in browser version.

I sent a support ticket and waiting patiently.
Guys Im glad I’m not alone here :slight_smile:


I noticed that when scaling the view, frames with rounded corners have visual distortions. Different scale - different distortions that appear randomly. Regular rounded rectangles behave normally. Also, some images in frames are distorted too.

hi! as you can seen below. my figma design looks pixelated and broken. is this figma issue or my machine? thoughts?


Any solution to this? I am having the same problem.

These are my PC specs, maybe we all have the same GPU or any other component in common, which would help with identifying the Figma glitch problem.

RAM: KINGSTON HyperX Fury 32GB kit (2x16GB) 3200MHz CL16
CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-core 3.80GHz
MBO: MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX

Does anyone have something from above?

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Hello everyone, I have an issue with Figma while working with colours. It looks like a glitch on the screen, but I am sure that the issue is not on my laptop screen. I could not figure out what the problem is. can somebody help me to solve the issue? check out the image !!

Recently, I encountered an issue that my custom component (only with variant) behave weirdly…

The problem seems device specific, and I have totally no clue what is happening.
Anyone also facing this problem?

This is a picture to illustrate the problem. All components with variant display jaggy with different zoom level

Same here. windows 10. figma and windows updated.

Does any developer see this at all? This problem wouldn’t be so bad if glitches weren’t exported with images.

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Hi Everyone, Experiencing the same thing for the last couple days now. Also on Windows 10. I really hope they figure out what’s going here…

same here, it’s really hard to work on this file :frowning:

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My problem disappeared. I hope not only for me. Thank the developers for fixing the bug.

Yeah, no more glitch for me as well. Thanks to whoever fixed it :heart:

So, I’ve been using figma for a long time and this one is kinda new to me, but some elements (shapes, images, vectors and so on) looks pixelated to me, I can zoom in and out and the pixelation shifts as I do that.

I’m not sure if it’s something related to my GPU, but I think it’s not, other applications are running smooth. It’s also not related to my monitor, because this issue is happening on different monitors.

I’ve tried to look online for this problem, but didn’t find anything.

I appreciate any help.

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