Alignment shortcuts. Are they broken?

The buttons themselves work fine when they are pressed with mouse pointer. But shortcuts (like Option + A or W,S,D) don’t work. Sometimes they work but do an opposite thing. For example it may move an object to the left border of the parent frame instead of the right. It is present for month now. Is it a bug? The keyboard has ISO layout btw.

@Oleksii8 just to make sure, these are the shortcuts you’re referring to, correct?

Screenshot 2023-08-03 at 2.51.38 PM

Have you tested to see if that behavior happens in both the web and desktop app, or if it seems limited to one over the other? I’m not working on an ISO layout, so I’m not able to test on my end.

I’m also not aware of this being a bug, but I can check in with others to see if this is something on the radar somewhere.