Aligning absolutely positioned objects - Tooltip / Infotip help needed!

Hello! We’re loving the absolute positioning functionality of Autolayout. We’ve created a component for an infotip that has a nested component for the info box itself. When hovering the info icon, the black info box should appear.

Problem is, we need the bottom of the box and the bottom of the icon to stay aligned no matter how big the box gets. Without absolute positioning, this is easy. With absolute positioning, I haven’t been able to figure it out!

Any ideas?

Just align the tooltip layer with absolute position to the bottom.

Thank so much! Using the autolayout alignment wasn’t working, but I just solved it -

It required a combination of setting the infobox’s constaints to left/bottom, AND setting it to have a -32Y to clear the icon height. Works a charm! Viewable in the figma link I included above in case anyone finds this thread and needs it :slight_smile:

These were the pieces we needed.

That’s right, it shouldn’t have worked. You need to use the object alignment settings that are available at the top of the properties panel. Or move the object with the mouse on the canvas.

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