Align Object at the end of a responsive Text

Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to align an object to the very end of a text block so that if the text breaks, the object will continue to stay at the end. Absolute positioning is not an option because the text has a text property and will therefore have different lengths in the instance.

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As far as I know it’s not possible.

A hacky workaround is to have the object in an absolute positioned layer in your component that has the constraints set to bottom left.

That way you can use padding to move the object to where you want it.

Obviously this is not a great solution, because you have to change it for every instance, but for a mockup it’s OK.


Hey Bauke, thats a great Hack thank you. I think I will solve this the old school way, by putting a note into the description field of the component. But thanks, love your idea : )