"Align Centers" Option

Hello Figma Team. Please consider adding a “Align Centers” option. This single option would be equivalent to clicking both Align Horizontal Centers AND Align Vertical Centers. This option could reside between Right Align and Top align.

What do you mean
Pls explain more

Hi shams2. Sure! When you click this option, it immediately centers the items you’ve selected both horizontally AND vertically. So it’s like clicking align horizontal AND align vertical at the same time. But instead of 2 clicks, it’s just one.

This saves time
But I think the shortcut provided in Figma can be used as an alternative way (Alt+h, Alt+v)
What do you think about this?

True. Still, it’s 2 shortcut inputs. But for some reason my Alt+H doesn’t work. Only Alt+V works. Alt+C, BAM!

Figma himself mentioned that we should use this short cut to fold in half
Maybe there was no need for such a feature
Figma Shortcut section

One hundred percent can be a good feature
But maybe its value is less than a few hundredths of a second