Airfig - Airtable to Figma layout plugin

If you use Figma and Airtable, please check out Airfig, my new plugin that lets you flow content from Airtable into Figma and quickly and easily create tables or tiled layouts of cards, each displaying a different record from your Airtable.

As a UX designer, I spend way too much time inventing placeholder content, and then then adding and updating the actual content as it gets written and edited, so Airfig is my solution for that.

Airfig lets your content team develop the content in Airtable, and then you can add it to your Figma layouts, and update it as it’s edited, with a few clicks.

We have [a great playground] (Airfig | Figma Community) - click Try it out - with linked Airtable files so you can easily give Airfig a test drive, and there’s also also some tutorials and FAQs. Hope you find Airfig useful, and would welcome any comments or suggestions you may have.


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