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After upgrading to M1, Figma slows down a lot


I switched to beta for M1 and everything was fine. Until you updated the app. There were very strong brakes. Sometimes the performance of a simple file drops to 15 fps. Before the update, it worked smoothly.

I have a macbook air, 16 gigabytes of RAM. I work behind a 4k monitor via thunderbolt.


Just to make sure I understand… is this specific to branching, or is it just slow in general?

slow in general

Oh, I have the same problem. But I thought it’s because I switched to student’s license.
1 month ago Figma worked perfectly on my Mac. Is there any solution?

Figma has released an M1 version of its Mac App: Figma Releases: 🍎 Desktop App for Apple Silicon (M1)