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"After Delay" doesn't work if "Navigate To" is triggered from Overlay

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“After Delay” doesn’t work if “Navigate To” is triggered from Overlay

March 5, 2020 at 8:39pm

I have a page (A) button which calls an overlay frame (a dialog). This dialog has a button that calls “navigate to” to another page (B).

Page B has an After Delay action to open another overlay (notification pop-up), but it doesn’t work. No matter what value I use for the animation, it doesn’t seem to trigger. It also doesn’t animate the Smart Animate and Dissolve transitions.

I believe this has something to do with the fact that under the hood the overlay in page A calls “Close Overlay” on itself before calling the “Navigate to” action?

Either way, I can’t get this to work, and I have already tried reloading the prototype, opening and closing it, opening and closing Figma, restarting Windows…

And i confirm this issue.

I have not been able to achieve this behavior.
Could you share a link to the file?

:link: Here is it

OK case:

  1. Click the figma page navigation arrow at the bottom of the screen and you’ll se the second frame with delayed transition
  2. Wait and see the big green OK message

Not OK case:

  1. Reload the flow R and click the big red button (which has green overlay which bring you the frame with delayed transition)
  2. Wait and see nothing happens after delay

Remove the Hover interaction from the “emojione-v1: downwards-button” instance in the “delay is here” frame.

Of course, I can remove it. But in fact, the problem is exactly that “after delayed” frame will not work if it was opened from overlay.

Oh, yep, that’s it! Now i get it.
Yesterday evening I read the message inattentive. Thnx, it works now

Buuuuut… it’s still a bug:

What if i have several frames in the flow, like a slideshow, and each of them has a button with overlay (on hover), for example to go to the first frame. And i want to open this slideshow from overlay? Well… slideshow wont work :frowning_face:

Each frame which contains button with “on hover” overlay stops the continuation of the flow animation

Yes, an open overlay stops the animation. Therefore, I can recommend you to use interactive components.

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