AEUX plugin: j.son file string undefined

hey guys,

Installed the AEUX developer plugin and this error is not letting me use it, any ideas to what i can do? Manifest error: Expected “manifest.api” to have type string but got undefined instead


Hey Lee!

As far as I understand the problem, AEUX plugin hasn’t been updated for a while, and during this period of time the requirements for the Figma plugins manifest file have changed. Now all the plugins have to specify whether they’re suitable for Figma, FigJam, or both of them.

So in order to make AEUX (and basically any outdated plugin with this kind of error) work properly, you should:

  1. Open the list of your plugins and find AEUX there.
  2. Open the options dropdown and click on the “Reveal in Finder” button.
  3. Find the manifest.json file and open it in any text or code editor.
  4. Insert the following code between lines 5 and 6.
  "editorType": [

Hope this works :slight_smile: Regards!