Advice needed on the best way to publicly share a library

Hesitated in making a new topic as I searched and couldn’t find what I was after, however I’m sure others must’ve encountered this conundrum.

Our organisation has got to the point where our design system library is ready to be shared publicly but I’m not clear on the best way to do it.

Is there an approach where you can use a public link to share library files, have them appear in the end user’s organisation, and receive updates - in the same way updates would appear when libraries are shared in the same organisation?

Approaches I’m aware of:

  • Publish library in my organisation - functionally what I’m after, but no good because I don’t want to invite everyone into my organisation to use it
  • Share to anyone with link - the end user needs to save a copy into their organisation and enable the library, which means extra friction and no updates
  • Publish to community - similar to above only with slightly more discoverability and potentially better instructions

Is there another approach I’m not aware of?