Admin Tools

  1. The admin tools need love, I am the Director of UX for a large ecommerce company with 70 seats of Figma spread across 2 countries, we have half of them are contractors, when someone leaves and need to reassign 100+ figma files to another designer, the only way I can see to do it is one at a time! Really! I need to be able to batch select files and reassign, move to other projects, change rights… With this large of a team, I am doing this on an average of 2 times a month.

Yes when I remove a designer, all the designs get assigned to me. What value is that if I have to go in and reassign them one by one to the new designer(s) I can add editors in Shared Projects but I can not reassign ownership. I may not reassign all files to another designer, sometimes I need to spread it out to others. We can not have the files open to everyone either as it does not comply with our security standards.

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